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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is My Baby Ugly?

Hi there,

I have often compared the process of creating a CD to having a baby. So here I go again - my brand new EP 'Out of the Blue' was an emergency Caeser after a prolonged traumatic labour. Forceps and drugs would have been most helpful. But the musical offspring eventually showed its head and I'm now a proud parent.

After all the hard work to get to this point you'd think Mum deserves a rest, right? No such luck - now the really hard work begins. Time to show it around and have people coo and fuss over the newborn. Except in the case of the musical baby, you're not guaranteed positive reviews. The neighbours who think your baby has a funny shaped head will still do the required fawning and praising in your presence and maybe only behind their hands to their spouses will mention your baby's likeness to Yoda.

The CD however - that piece of art that you poured your life experience, heart and soul into - is ripe for the picking on. Once it's released into the world, anyone with access to a pen or keyboard has the right to slam and damn it, and by extension, you. When my first single 'Celebrity' was released (we're talking the '90s here!) the first review published was glowing. The critic completely understood the sarcasm intended in the lyric. He praised the production, the singing, the lot and I was on Cloud 9. Then came the rain. Reviews stormed in and they seemed to be either disastrous or dazzling, with no middle ground. This Cancerian had to learn how to bunker down behind that outer shell we're famous for.

Well it's that time again folks. Copies are going out to professional reviewers as we speak. Wish me luck!

If you want to have a listen for yourself - after all, I care more about what you think - you can listen to the new EP here:

Cheers, Amanda