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Monday, February 4, 2013

Shut Up and Stress Out

Hi there,

Husband and I were complaining to each other last weekend about having way too much on our plates. We catalogued our stresses to each other. 

Husband: I've been playing guitar for 18 days straight - not one day off - and for at least 7 hours today. Now tonight I have a rehearsal so I still don't get a break.

Stress out...or else!
Me: I've got to learn the lyrics for 6 songs by tomorrow morning and I've got to do the artwork and replication of my new EP-oh and actually record the thing, rehearse the band, promote the launch, keep my crowdfunding campaign on the boil...

Then we looked at each and laughed. Our lives really aren't too bad are they?

Thinking back 10 years to what Corporate Me, slaving long days over a hot computer keyboard at Microsoft, would have said. She would look at Today's Me and say:

'Oh boohoo. So the very career you've always dreamt of is thoroughly filling up your life now is it? So you're oh so busy singing and performing for a living and creating new songs and recordings. Sounds dreadful.' Then she'd look at me with a snarl and snort sarcastically.

We all need to vent sometimes but we also need perspective. A famous experiment on rats shows that those placed under stress, as long as they had the tools to manage it, were far healthier than those who didn't have any stress at all. Many believe humans are the same.

So, advice from old Corporate Self to Today's Me: 'Stress out, it's good for you!'

PS The Crowdfunding worked - thank you!

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